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Waste and Dirt

By one of those strange coincidences I was reading a review of the new exhibition on Dirt at the Wellcome Collection on the same day as I received a notice about the new North London Waste Plan. It sounds like an excellent exhibition, and I have always been fascinated by this image of the great dust heap at Kings Cross – maybe we’d all be more careful about what we throw away if we passed this every time we went to the tube!

Waste is one of those worthy subjects that no-one wants to think about until the bins aren’t collected, the rats come out, and everyone realises just how important it is. Anyway, from 11 May to 22 June we have the chance to comment on plans for the sustainable management of North London’s waste to 2027: 16 years worth of waste – what a scary thought. You can check it out online or at St Pancras Library. The current document incorporates the results of previous consultations, but any comments on the ‘soundness’ or legal compliance of the documents should be sent to Archie Onslow at

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