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Want to Have a Room Made-over on TV?

You may have seen the flyers on the noticeboard looking for volunteers to have a room made-over for a brand new television series for BBC2 celebrating Britain’s interior design and architecture.

The series will feature some of the most talented amateur designers Britain has to offer, and every week will visit a different region of the country to look at the incredible architecture of that area. They are looking for modernist/brutalist properties for one episode and are really keen on doing a programme based in the Brunswick estate– subject to finding three suitable homeowners!

Each episode will be set in a different part of the country and will explore and celebrate a historical or architectural style specific to that area. They are looking to feature amazing homes that best represent the breadth of Britain’s housing heritage: Regency apartments in Brighton, Art Deco homes in London, Late-Victorian properties in Birmingham etc.

The series has a contest at its heart – a bit like British Bake-Off or Masterchef – but rather than a cooking competition, it’s a contest between people with a talent for interior design. The designers are people who have a great eye and a passion for designing interiors – but who don’t currently work as interior designers – it’s strictly ‘talented amateurs.’ In every episode we take three designers and give them each a room to make over – in three houses, ideally in the same location. They will be given three days to transform it. The makeover will be overseen by two judges – professionals from the world of interior design. At the end of the series, one overall winner will be declared Britain’s Best Home Designer!

So, they are looking for three homeowners in the Brunswick Centre who would be interested in having a room in their home transformed. The owner would give the designers a brief about what they want from each room – what style they would like, what the room would be used for, preferences in terms of colours/materials etc. The designers will be judged on how well they fulfil the brief they are given.

Outside of the design contest, the main presenter, Tom Dyckhoff, the BBC’s culture and architectural correspondent, will be exploring the history and background of each location, examining the architectural style of the period and the cultural backdrop.

If you would like to be involved, or have any questions at all about the series then please contact Ellie Priestman of Studio Lambert by e-mail or on 020 7502 5745.

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