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There are around 406 flats in the Brunswick, occupied by Council and sheltered tenants, and leaseholders. The head lease of all the flats is held by Camden, from the freeholder, currently the Royal Mail Pension Fund, whose managing agents are LaSalle. The freeholder’s agents manage the shopping centre and public spaces of the Brunswick.

Tenants and residents are represented by the TRA (Tenants and Residents Association), which is run by a committee of volunteers, chaired by Stuart Tappin and Adrian Friend. Representatives of the TRA meet regularly with Camden and with the freeholders of the building to resolve problems and negotiate on behalf of all residents. They also organise occasional social events. Over the past few years the TRA has played a crucial role in improving the Brunswick, giving residents a strong voice in negotiations over the recent major works. TRA  meetings, open to all residents, are held four times a year in the community room at 10 Foundling Court (door 1), normally on the first Monday of the month in March, June, September and December. Keep an eye on the noticeboards by each exit for information about meetings and other current issues.

There is also a Leaseholders’¬†Association, which formally represents the interests of leaseholders with Camden. For more information see the Leaseholders page, or email

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