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Night Time Antisocial Behaviour - Have Your Say

The Camden Community Police Consultation Group will be dedicating its next public meeting to late-night noise and antisocial behaviour associated with its busy night-time economy. This can affect residents in all parts of the borough and we want to hear about your experiences.

The meeting will take the form of a ‘community conversation’. This is an opportunity for all concerned in this issue to share their experiences and insights about how this effects them. This event will be taking place on Thursday 3 October, 7.00 pm, at Ort House, 126 Albert Road, London NW1 7NE. The nearest Tube is Camden Town.

Detective Superintendent Richard Tucker will be heading the meeting for the Police. Tom Preest, Camden’s Head of Community Safety and Jim Foudy, Head of Regulatory Services, will also attend. Camden licensees and venue owners will also be taking part.

Roy Walker, CCPCG chair, said; ‘Many residents have told us Camden’s night time economy has a severe impact on the quality of life, not just for them but for thousands of residents across the borough. They tell us it’s not just the thoughtlessness of high-spirited revellers; it’s when they use our doorways as toilets; It’s the taxi drivers sat in their cars in residential areas making noise whilst waiting for their fares; it’s the street traders dragging their noisy contraptions through the streets; it’s this and a lot more. We want to hear from you about your experiences. Everyone who can do something about it will be in one room. It’s important that there should be a strong turnout of residents so that they know exactly how you feel.’

Food and refreshments will be provided.

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