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Eyecatcher - or Eyesore? Residents Petition Camden

Following the earlier consultation, the owners of the Brunswick have applied for planning permission for a so called “Eyecatcher” restaurant, to be sandwiched between the Renoir Cinema and second floor residential accommodation.  The proposed development would have a major impact on the Brunswick. It would extend right under O’Donnell Court and loom over the public space in front of the Renoir cinema, as you can see from these images from the planning application. Access between the Renoir and Strada would be restricted by a lift and staircase.

This much-loved listed building is visited by hundreds of architecture fans during the annual Open House, and the entrance to Brunswick Square, with its tall elegant columns, is regarded as one of the ‘few genuinely sublime architectural sights of London’, to quote architectural expert Alan Powers.

Images in the planning application show it as an empty transparent box; in reality it would be a large, solid structure full of furniture and people, whose effect is graphically shown in the visuals below by Pernilla Ohrstedt, who works here. The iconic Renoir sign would go and the trees of Brunswick Square no longer be visible from the shopping centre.

 A group of tenants, residents and friends of the Brunswick regard the development as not so much an eyecatcher but an eyesore, which will:

  • despoil a Grade II listed building
  • block vistas to and from Brunswick Square
  • reduce public space and access around the Renoir
  • mean more noise, disturbance and smells for residents

If you agree, please sign the petition asking the London Borough of Camden to refuse planning permission.

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