Brunswick Life

Delivery Lorries

Gerry Maclean has emailed about the nuisance of delivery lorries parking outside O’Donnell Court: “Almost every day when I leave for work, there is at least one lorry, often two and occasionally three, parked on Brunswick Square to make deliveries to the restaurants and shops in the Centre.  This is:
a. an annoyance for residents, especially when the drivers leave their lorries’ engines running;
b. a traffic hazard.  The lorries are usually double parked and always obscure other drivers’ views to and from the already dangerous junction of Brunswick Square and Bernard Street;
c. contrary to one of the Conditions of the Planning, which said that all deliveries must be made through the basement using the service lifts.
David Plumb, the Centre Manager, wrote to the shops and restaurants last year about this issue; I saw his letter and matters seemed to improve after that.  However, given the rate of turnover of staff and managers in the shops and restaurants, it is likely that many of the current staff are not aware of this restriction.  To encourage David Plumb to manage this issue more actively – e.g. to instruct the Centre’s security guards to stop the deliveries while they are happening – I suggest that concerned residents should email him at or at”

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