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Call for Brunswick Square Memories

Following the success of their first publication, The Story of Marchmont Street, the Marchmont Association are researching a new book on the history of the area. This time it is about the history of Brunswick Square, centred on the lives of notable former residents and events which have helped shape its history, with the working title Tales of Brunswick Square.

Desk research has revealed lots of fascinating facts about notable former residents and the major institutions surrounding the square, but they don’t have much information about the lives and memories of ‘ordinary folk’ who lived or worked there between 1790 and the present day.

Ricci de Freitas, chair of the Marchmont Association, is particularly keen to hear from people whose homes were destroyed to make way for the Brunswick Centre development in the 1960s. He would be interested to know how residents felt about the development, and whether they have any documents or photographs, particularly those connected with the campaign to save the Georgian houses.

Ricci would also be interested in any other significant events or unusual stories about the Square. Please send your memories by email to

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