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Act On Illegal Holiday Lets

Thanks to Marchmont Voice, here is an update on the work that the Marchmont Association have been doing to lobby Camden Council to about the problem of illegal holiday lets and their negative impact on our community. Residents have complained at BTRA meetings about persistent noise and other anti-social behaviour from holiday lets in the Brunswick, in one case involving a bottle dropped onto a balcony, narrowly missing a resident.

“The Council has informed us that they are taking steps to prioritise enforcement action against these illegal lettings, and working in partnership with neighbouring local authorities. The text belkow is an extract from Camden Council’s web site giving details of their policy regarding short term letting of residential properties.

Marchmont Association supporters are invited to use the link at the end of the item to report any instances of short term lettings to the Council, and to write to Councillor Danny Beales, Cabinet Member with the remit for Planning, to voice your concerns:

Camden Council says …

“Short term letting can disturb neighbours, with visitors creating noise, sometimes at unsociable hours.  High turnover of visitors/renters can also impact upon permanent occupiers reducing the sense of community and raising the fear of crime.  The short term letting of residential properties also reduces the permanent housing stock.

Current planning policy in the Camden Local Plan is to resist development that changes permanent housing to short stay accommodation/holiday lets. Therefore applications for whole residential properties, including single-dwelling houses and flats, to be converted to short term/ holiday lettings are likely to be refused.

If these new regulations are not followed, then this will be considered an unauthorised change of use for which planning permission will be required.  The Council will take appropriate enforcement action, which can include serving an Enforcement Notice to require the use to cease.

If you suspect a property is being used for short term/holiday letting outside of the new regulations you can report it to us “

Do report any suspected instances of illegal holiday letting to Camden, and let us hope that this will help reduce the problem.

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